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Motorbike Loan

Choose your bike - Apply - Get your approval - Drive away

 Make your dream bike a reality with affordable monthly payments.

Condition for Application

  • Age from 18 
  • Monthly income from 100$ up
  • Resident or live and work in Phnom Penh at least 6 months.
  • Agreement fee 5$ for application after get the approval. 

Required Documents

  • Identity document: Khmer indentity card or Passport
  • Address document: Current living address document (family record book or resident address document which was issued from commune or district)
  • Proof of income​ document: Salary certificate, bank report, employee's contract or earning report. 

Terms of payment refunded

  • Refund can be done at i-Finance's office or by i-Finance's agencies as Wing, Cambodian Public Bank, MayBank Cambodia and ACELEDA Bank PLC.